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Private Pilot License
14 - 21 DAYS

Welcome to Aviation 101

The first step towards becoming an airline pilot is earning your Private Pilot Certificate. the Private Pilot Certificate is where we all start our aviation journey.

Private Pilot License

Flying is enjoyable, functional and can be used for business or pleasure.  It is not as hard as you may think, especially when you are working with the right training school and flight instructor.  You can earn your Private Pilot Certificate in as little time as just a few weeks and start enjoying the freedom to fly during the Day and Night to all your desired destinations 

Our basic course consists of around 90 hours of total on-site education and over 15 hours of HD online training. The majority of that time is going to be in a Piper Cherokee PA-28 or simulator and the rest is going to be on the ground, classroom and online.

Our simulator oriented training system will prepare you for the flight training portion of your journey and it will minimize your total training investment. On the first lesson you will fully experience the value of this integrated method of training and you will fly the airplane for the first time knowing exactly what to expect.

By practicing complex tasks and procedures in the simulator first, you can learn faster in the airplane with the knowledge you’ve gained. This allows us to teach you good habits to carry with you through your aviation career.

4 Steps To Get Your License

120+ Hours of Training

Dedicated Aircraft

Most of your training will be in the actual aircraft: our Piper Cherokee PA-28. Learn how fun and exciting flying through the skies can be with our highly trained pilots. Once your instructor says you are ready, you will be able to fly alone to train for your private pilot license.

Dedicated Flight Instructor

The courses consist of 8 to 10 hours per day, divided between flight and classroom time.Your training is based on a building block of instruction in an organized manner. Each lesson is thoroughly explained so you fully understand each step. You are trained not only to pass the ACS  requirements but also to be a proficient Pilot.

FAA Approved Flight Simulator

FAA Approved Aviation Training Device. Based on the popular Cessna 172, our One-G Foundation simulators are model specific FAA Approved Aviation Training Device that are designated as platform for integrated instruction for all pilots, from student through commercial.

Interactive Online Training

Like all classes, there is some homework to reinforce your learning and help teach you fundamental concepts that are critical to becoming a successful pilot. We partner with Sporty’s to integrate the Online Training For our Private Pilot students.

Start Flying Today

Give us a call to start learning one of the most important skills available to the public today. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.