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Achieve in FEW DAYS What Others Do in Months For The Real Fast Track to the Airlines.
Our 14 Day Private Pilot Courses are the most cost and time-efficient to obtain any of your certificates or ratings. All our training is important to our clients and all clients receive our undivided attention. We will give you the best possible instruction the industry has to offer. We have received lots of referrals from our satisfied students who have completed our accelerated courses.
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The courses consist of 8 to 10 hours of lessons per day, divided between flight and classroom time. Your accelerated flight training is based on a building block of instruction in an organized manner. Each lesson is thoroughly explained so you fully understand each step. You are trained not only to pass the ACS requirements but also to be a proficient Pilot.

Our 14-day accelerated flight training program is designed for executive professionals and aviation enthusiasts with an aviation background who have time restraints and are looking to finish their certifications or ratings over enrolling in the standard shcedules.

At ActivePILOT Flight Academy, our 14-day accelerated flight training program offers a comprehensive and efficient path to becoming a Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot License Cost. With a dedicated instructor, aircraft, and a focused curriculum leading to the FAA checkride, you can embark on an intensive and rewarding training experience that will pave the way for your exciting aviation career.

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Dedicated Instructor

Our 14-day accelerated flight training program at ActivePILOT Flight Academy places a strong emphasis on providing you with a dedicated instructor throughout the entire duration of your training. Your certified flight instructor will be committed to your success, ensuring personalized attention, continuous support, and individualized coaching. This one-on-one mentorship will allow you to progress rapidly and confidently, as you work closely with your instructor to master flight maneuvers, navigation techniques, and essential aviation knowledge. With a dedicated instructor by your side, you can expect to maximize your learning potential and make the most of your accelerated flight training experience.

Dedicated Airplane

For the entirety of your 14-day accelerated training, you will have exclusive access to a dedicated airplane. Having a consistent and reliable aircraft at your disposal eliminates any delays or disruptions, enabling you to focus entirely on your flight training. This dedicated airplane will become your platform for learning, practice, and skill development, ensuring familiarity and comfort throughout your training journey. With the convenience of having your own dedicated aircraft, you'll be able to optimize your flight hours and experience a seamless and streamlined training process.

Fly 4-6 Hours Per Day

Our accelerated flight training program is designed to provide you with an immersive aviation experience. During the 14-day program, you can expect to fly for an impressive 4 to 6 hours per day. This intensive flight schedule allows you to rapidly build flight hours and gain valuable hands-on experience. You'll spend extensive time in the air, honing your piloting skills and gaining confidence with each flight. The increased flight time accelerates your progress, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the FAA checkride and your future as a licensed pilot.

Focused on FAA Checkride

The culmination of your accelerated flight training program will be focused on preparing you for the FAA checkride. Throughout the 14 days, your training will be tailored towards honing the specific skills and knowledge required to pass this critical examination. Our instructors will meticulously guide you through the checkride requirements, conducting mock checkrides and comprehensive evaluations to ensure you are fully prepared. With the FAA checkride as the ultimate goal, our program provides a well-structured and targeted approach, instilling in you the confidence and proficiency needed to successfully pass the examination and obtain your private pilot certificate.

Certificates Offered

Start with an Introductory Flight

Get your first experience of taking off, flying, and landing an airplane with a certified flight instructor by your side. Later, meet the team and current students to ask all the questions you have about becoming a pilot.

Start with a Virtual Consultation

Our Zoom consultations are the most convenient way of answering all your questions about starting your flight training to becoming a pilot. Zoom consultations are free of charge, but we require advance scheduling.