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Commercial Pilot
7 - 10 DAYS

Single-Engine Commercial Pilot

Become a career pilot.
In this 3rd course, you will earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate allowing you to be compensated for your flights.

The third phase you will continue gaining experience with a fellow student in a crew-style flying environment and after completing the cross-country stage, earn your Single-Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate*We recommend taking the Academy Phases 1-2 before Phase 3.

Requirements to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate:

  • 250 Hours of flight time
    • 100 hours must be in a powered aircraft
    • 50 hours must be in an airplane
  • 50 hours of cross country time
  • 20 hours of instrument training
  • 10 hours of solo training

Our special authorization from the FAA allows us to train our students for an additional 20 hours with the simulator – that way you save time and money with ActivePilot. With our advanced flight simulator along with our seasoned staff of instructor pilots, we will make sure you are more than ready to get your Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Additional class ratings, such as adding a multiengine rating to single-engine commercial pilot certificate or adding a single-engine rating to a multiengine commercial pilot certificate will take additional training with requirements found here. At ActivePILOT, we have your training needs covered. Give us a call to see how you can become a commercial pilot today.

60+ Hours Total
Academy Phase 3

20 Hours of Flight Time

Most of your training will be in the actual aircraft: our Piper Cherokee PA-28. Learn how fun and exciting flying through the skies can be with our highly trained pilots.

20 Hours of Flight Simulator


FAA Approved Aviation Training Device. Based on the popular Cessna 172, our One-G Foundation simulators are model specific FAA Approved Aviation Training Device that are designated as platform for integrated instruction for all pilots, from student through commercial.

Dedicated Flight Instructor

The courses consist of 8 to 10 hours per day, divided between flight and classroom time.Your training is based on a building block of instruction in an organized manner. Each lesson is thoroughly explained so you fully understand each step. You are trained not only to pass the ACS  requirements but also to be a proficient Pilot.

Interactive Online Training

Like all classes, there is some homework to reinforce your learning and help teach you fundamental concepts that are critical to becoming a successful pilot. We partner with Sporty’s to integrate the Online Training For our Commercial Pilot students.

Start Flying Today

Give us a call to start learning one of the most important skills available to the public today. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.