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Welcome to ActivePILOT Flight School, where we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to earn their wings and take flight! Our mission is to make becoming a pilot a reality for aviation enthusiasts by providing professional, convenient, and affordable flight training programs. We are committed to empowering student pilots and aviation lovers, revolutionizing the way flight training is conducted, and creating a culture of change to meet the evolving standards of the industry.

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We are thrilled to introduce our new comprehensive flight training financing options. Unlock your potential with financing terms spanning a generous 9 to 15 years, accompanied by rates that stand as a benchmark of competitiveness. As a testament to our commitment to your success, we proudly present deferred payment options, ensuring that your dreams take flight without immediate financial burdens.

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About Active Pilot's Ideology

Our Ideology

At ActivePILOT, we understand that pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot should not be limited by airport location, airplane access, or time constraints. With our Flight Training Center and cutting-edge Mobile App, anyone can easily begin their flight lessons and take the first step towards realizing their aviation ambitions.

Since January 2015, we have embarked on a new ideology that places student satisfaction, training quality, and technological advancements at the forefront of our operations. Our focus is not merely on business quantification but on ensuring that each student receives the highest standard of training and support to excel in their aviation journey. We believe in empowering our students, listening to their academic and personal needs, and adapting to the ever-changing international standards of the aviation industry.

Diversification and business ethics are key pillars of our approach, as we strive to meet the demanding needs of the new generation of aviators. ActivePILOT prides itself on standing beside its students and offering a supportive culture that embraces change and innovation.

At the heart of our vision is our Mobile App, which is set to become the national hub for flight training and aviation-related services. Through this revolutionary app, aspiring pilots will have access to flight training resources and aviation services at their fingertips. The app is a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience and make flight training more accessible and efficient.

With ActivePILOT’s Mobile App on the horizon, we are closer than ever to turning our dream into reality. Our team of dedicated flight instructors, support personnel, and visionary management is working tirelessly to ensure that the app meets the highest standards and fulfills the needs of our aviation community.

We invite you to embark on your aviation journey with ActivePILOT Flight School. Whether you are a beginner with a burning passion for aviation or a seasoned enthusiast looking to advance your skills, our comprehensive flight training programs cater to all levels of experience. Join us as we pave the way for a new era in flight training, where anyone with the determination to fly can earn their wings and soar to new heights. ActivePILOT is your gateway to the skies, and we are excited to guide you on this exhilarating adventure. Welcome aboard!

About Active Pilot's Story

Wonder How We Got Started?

ActivePILOT is co-founded by two experienced airline pilots, Ari Hovnanyan and Leonardo Aristizabal. While Leo’s story is of adventure and visions, Ari’s journey has been the love of professional growth and teaching others to fly.

At ActivePILOT Flight School, Ari and Leo’s relationship is the greatest asset they bring into the culture of the organization. In their partnership, Leo thinks of Ari as “a very well-rounded and experienced flight instructor with a big heart for general aviation.” And what we have come to find at ActivePILOT is that the feeling they have towards each other is mutual.

But our assets do not limit to Ari and Leo. Visit Our Team’s Page to learn more about our flight instructors and liaisons. ActivePILOT is expanding rapidly and our team is growing at a lightning speed too.

Learn To Fly At Active Pilot Aviation School

About Ari Hovnanyan. Ari shares his love of aviation by recalling his first flying experience on how it felt to be in an airplane flying through the blue sky, watching the world beneath him. He, more specifically, remembers the sense of accomplishment he felt when the time came for his first solo flight.

Seating in an airplane all by himself, as the pilot in command, piloting an airplane without an instructor on board. Ari claims these events are what inspire him in sharing his skills with others to help them achieve the same joys and sense of achievement in aviation.

Today, Ari flies for a major airline, however, his passion lies in general aviation. He enjoys flying with prospective students for the first time. There is a certain excitement in the eyes of new pilots when they see the beauty and feel the freedom of flight for the first time. Ari feels the highest level of accomplishment as an aviator rest on mentoring others to achieve their dreams of becoming pilots.

Check out Ari’s LinkedIn profile.

About Leo Aristizabal. Leo’s story starts in Cali, Colombia where, as a middle-class kid becoming a pilot was always his childhood dream; even though circumstances made it an unimaginable one. “I dreamt of flying as it would give me the freedom to explore the world!” Leo claims.

He habitually shares his love of flying, his stories of how he overcame rigorous obstacles in his life to become a captain for a major commercial airline today, and his joy of hearing all diverse kinds of pilots’ accents and languages over the tower radios.

Today, aside from living the dream of working for major commercial airliners, Leo is also serving as a flight instructor and mentor to the future generation of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. He wishes to implement what he had learned through his own experiences to help student pilots reach their dreams easier than he had.

Leo, as the visionary partner of the organization, always seeks new tools and technology to improve ActivePILOT. He is currently in charge of building ActivePILOT’s mobile App which, once released, will offer an impressive range of new services to general aviation.

Leo believes that we, as a community of pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation enthusiasts must build a stronger aviation community by facilitating access to aircraft and quality instructors (through technology) to all aviation lovers and future pilots.

Check out Leo’s LinkedIn profile.