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ActivePILOT Academy
ActivePilot Flight School



Each academy is made up of a small group of individuals who share a common goal. Your academy group will work together in a classroom environment for aviation concept learning and practice teaching on the ground and in the simulator, then individually with your instructors for flight lessons.

This method fully immerses you in the education along with your classmates, where you can learn together, leaning on each other and benefitting from the group’s collective experiences. In short, the camaraderie of your academy will help you will learn faster, and retain the information more effectively. You and your classmates will progress through this accelerated course together and after a relatively short time, be ready to pass your checkrides.


Private Pilot Certificate

After completing this phase, you will be able to fly aircrafts for recreational purposes with your family and friends. Fly to business meetings in style and enjoy the freedom to travel on your own terms.

Instrument Rating

On this phase, you’ll discover that it’s much nicer flying above those clouds where the air is calm and the visibility is endless. It all starts feeling like a true professional pilot.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

As a new commercial pilot, you will finally be able to earn money for pursuing your passion. This phase opens the final door to pursuing a career in being a pilot.

Start Flying Today

Give us a call to start learning one of the most important skills available to the public today. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.