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Start Flight School

When is the Best Time to Start Flight School?

ActivePILOT April 28, 2024

So, you've been dreaming of soaring through the skies, feeling the exhilaration of controlling an aircraft, and exploring new horizons from above?

Best Flight Academies In USA

The Best Flight Academies in USA

ActivePILOT April 28, 2024

The allure of the sky has captivated humankind for centuries, and the desire to conquer the air has fueled the pursuit of aviation excellence.

How To Become A Pilot

How to Become A Pilot - See 17 Frequently Asked Questions

ActivePILOT April 28, 2024

Here are the most frequently asked questions on how to become a pilot. The first step towards becoming an airline pilot is earning your Private Pilot Certificate.

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Cost

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Cost? Get Your ATP at $59,999

ActivePILOT April 28, 2024

The very first two questions many students ask themselves are how much does it Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Cost to become a pilot and can I afford it?

Best Flight School

4 Keys to Finding the Best Flight School in the USA

ActivePILOT April 26, 2024

The Red Birth Landing has a fantastic article about 4 Keys to finding the best flight school and we think you and our students will benefit from reading it.