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Custom Programs
ActivePilot Flight School



Most career flight schools can only offer you their package programs; some might fit you – many will not, but your choice is usually “take it or leave it.” Instead of offering you prepackaged programs that may or may not meet your needs, ActivePILOT gives our students virtually unlimited choices in creating flight training programs tailored to their individual circumstances and needs. Whether you wish to enhance your flying skills, acquire your Commercial Pilot Certificate or become a Flight Instructor, we can create a program just for you.


Checkride Preparation

Two complete mock checkrides will provide a rigorous training program to get you your certificate.

Flight Review

A hands-on review of the most crucial aspects of VFR flying. Topics include emergency management, flight planning and regulations review.

Instrument Proficiency Check

A hands-on review of the most crucial aspects of instrument flying. Includes advanced emergency management, IFR flight planning, and avionics review.

Rusty Pilot Proficiency

Get back in the saddle and train to fly with confidence and skill. This course is designed for certificated pilots who haven’t flown in 5 years or more.

Flight Instructor Certification

Teach others about your passion. If you have an interest in pursuing a career as a flight instructor, we can get you ready for students.

Flight Planning

Become well versed on airspace ahead of your flight path and create a plan on how to get to your destination. Whether it is a short flight, or you are traveling to another coast, we can teach you how to get there.

Avionics Review

Get a memory refresh on the important avionic systems required to get safely to your destination.

Multi Engine Course

Multi engine aerodynamics, aircraft systems, and more can be learned at ActivePILOT. Get certified to fly a multi engine plane.

Aerobatic Training


Our aerobatic training program is coming soon. Learn how to maneuver an aircraft in exciting new ways.

Tailwheel Training


Learn how to fly “Stick & Rudder” planes dating back to World War I. ActivePILOT is 1 of the few specialized pilot programs in Southern California who offers this program.

Accelerated Flight Program

Can’t wait to get your certification? We offer accelerated learning programs to fit with your needs. In as little as 2 weeks, our instructors can get you checkride ready and confidently prepared for any obstacle in your way. Call us today to find out more about our accelerated programs.



Ground instruction for the high-performance endorsement is focused on aircraft systems and best practices for flying high-performance aircraft. Pilots will learn about the additional planning, judgment, and skills required to operate these aircraft. Special emphasis will be placed on calculating performance and weight & balance. Aeromedical factors and high altitude operations will be reviewed.


High-performance flight training helps a pilot transition to an aircraft that has faster operating speeds, better climb rates, improved takeoff and landing performance, and more complicated systems than the pilot is used to. Pilots will become familiar with the handling characteristics and operating procedures for the high-performance airplane. Training is designed to teach the pilot how to “stay ahead of the airplane” in all phases of flight.

The FAA does not specify a time requirement to earn the high-performance endorsement. Sometimes insurance companies set minimum flight time requirements in order to act as PIC of a high-performance airplane (but not to receive the endorsement itself).

High-performance aircraft training takes an average of 5 – 10 flight hours depending on a candidate’s flight experience and the type of aircraft used. High-performance training may be combined with complex airplane training if the aircraft meets both definitions.


A complex airplane is defined by 14 CFR 61.31(e) as an airplane that has the following:

Retractable landing gear


Controllable pitch propeller

There are no minimum number of flight hours required to obtain a complex endorsement, although you will be required to receive and log ground and flight training from an authorized instructor in a complex airplane, or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is representative of a complex airplane, and have been found proficient in the operation and systems of the airplane.

Once you’ve met these requirements, your instructor will provide you a one-time endorsement for you.