How Much Does It Cost to Become A Pilot? Get Your ATP at $59,999

Flight Training Programs & Cost To Become A Pilot

The very first two questions many students ask themselves are how much does it Commercial Pilot License Cost to become a pilot and can I afford it? While there are many factors weighing in on building an accurate estimate, here are the flight training packages ActivePILOT offers:

Private Pilot Certificate
FAA Minimum Hours Required: 40
50.0 hours Aircraft Rental @ $140/HR$7,000
10.0 Hours Simulator Training @ $80.00$800
70.0 Hours of Flight Instruction @ 80.00/HR$5,600
Course Enrollment $30
Instrument Rating
FAA Minimum Hours Required: 40
20.0 hours Aircraft Rental @ $145/HR$2,900
20.0 Hours Simulator Training @ $80.00$1,600
70.0 Hours of Flight Instruction @ 80.00/HR$5,600
Course Enrollment $30
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Based on FAA Minimum Hours (additional requirements may exist)
10.0 hours Aircraft Rental @ $170/HR$1,700
10.0 Hours Simulator Training @ $80.00$800
30.0 Hours of Flight Instruction @ 80.00/HR$2,400

NOTE: Cost to become a pilot estimates are based on FAA minimum training requirements. Individual experiences may vary. Actual training times may exceed these estimates. Costs are based on January 2022 effective rates.

Commercial Pilot License Cost

The CPL certification allows you to get paid for certain aviation activities, including agricultural applications, pipeline patrol, and traffic reporting. To obtain a CPL, you need at least 250 hours to get your CPL. This is called the time-building period which is not included in the commercial license training program. The reason the time-building is separate from the package is that every hour flown prior to taking the CPL check ride counts towards the 250 hours needed to qualify. This means, that all those times spent in the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating programs are counted. All those extra flights you thought you didn’t need can now play an integral part in the qualification.

Many pilots take these time-building opportunities to travel and visit new airports. A lot of students also join up and fly together to share the costs as well as the experience. Here is a link to find out more about ActivePILOT Commercial Pilot License Training Program.

Certified Flight Instructor License Cost

Becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) makes for a path to gaining flight experience. Furthermore, it’s a common way to get enough hours for an airline job. However, starting a flight instructor’s course requires a commercial pilot license. However, the flight instructor certificate cost is only a fraction of what you paid for the CPL. On average, a typical flight instructor’s training cost to become a pilot runs at $5,000. You can also become an instrument or a multi-engine instructor.

The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) and a Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) are often add-on ratings to an existing CFI. Usually, the cost of each ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. Here is a link to find out more about ActivePILOT Certified Flight Instructor Training Program.

Medical, Written, Practical Exams, and Miscellaneous Costs

The cost to become a pilot must include a medical certificate and examination, written and practical exams, and any material students feel they need to complete their training. Becoming a pilot entails getting a medical certificate. An Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) issues the certificate after conducting a medical exam. Medical exams cost anywhere between $75 to $200, depending on the class, doctor, location, and whether you need an EKG. In most cases, you must also pass an aeronautical knowledge test to obtain your pilot license. The test fees range from $140 to $165, depending on the location.

The final step toward getting your license is to pass a practical test, the cost of which varies based on the license, location, and type of aircraft used to conduct the check-ride. Most practical tests cost between $550 and $750 in Los Angeles. However, flight instructors pay a higher price that goes from $500 to more than a thousand dollars in a few places.

As you train to become a pilot, you need a headset, books, and maybe even a bomber jacket and a pair of Aviator sunglasses to look the part. It’s good to budget $500 to $1,000 for those training supplies.

ActivePILOT offers a $59,999 Zero-ATP program helping new prospects achieve their dream with zero flight time which brings the cost to become a pilot extremely low compared to other flight schools. Students interested in this Academy’s program are enrolled in a 5-days/week schedule and are given priority in aircraft scheduling and check-ride bookings to ensure they meet their certification deadlines on time.

For most pilots, the final milestone before beginning your airline pilot career is obtaining the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. This is the highest level of pilot certificate obtainable and a remarkable achievement. While a commercial certificate allows an aviator to work (and earn money) as a professional pilot, the ATP certificate can be found as a requirement for most professional pilot jobs.

Here is a link to the website with a wealth of information on becoming a pilot student.