One-on-One Flight Training Program

Flight Training Program With Personalized Care

Our individual flight training programs are meticulously crafted to cater to students unique personality. With a team of seasoned instructors, state-of-the-art aircraft, and a passion for aviation excellence, ActivePILOT Flight Academy is your gateway to soaring the skies with skill and confidence. Join us as we delve into the distinctive features of each program, ensuring you reach new heights in your aviation career.
Individual Flight Training Programs

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What Set This Program Apart?

Unlock the skies and realize your dream of becoming a certified pilot through one of our comprehensive flight training programs. At ActivePILOT, we believe in fostering a strong foundation, making our flight training programs an ideal starting point for aviation enthusiasts. Here’s why you should choose us:
Expert Instructors

Our dedicated instructors possess a wealth of flying experience and are committed to guiding you at every step of your journey. Their hands-on approach ensures you receive personalized attention and valuable insights, guaranteeing a solid grasp of flight principles and safety protocols.

Modern Fleet

Learn to fly in style with our cutting-edge fleet of aircraft. Equipped with advanced avionics and safety features, our planes provide an optimal training environment, helping you build confidence and proficiency in your piloting skills through our flight training programs.

Tailored Curriculum

We understand that each student's learning pace and preferences differ. Our flexible curriculum allows you to choose a training schedule that suits your lifestyle, ensuring a seamless learning experience that aligns with your goals.

Cutting-edge Simulators

Experience realistic flight scenarios in our advanced flight simulators, designed to replicate challenging weather conditions and real-world flying situations. The simulators complement in-flight training, enabling you to perfect instrument approaches and procedures.

Unmatched Support

We are dedicated to your success. Our supportive staff assists you throughout the program, ensuring your flight training program is going smooth and enjoyable. We are committed to helping you achieve excellence in your aviation journey.

Networking Opportunities

At ActivePILOT, we recognize the importance of connections in the aviation industry. Our flight training programs provide networking opportunities and resources to enhance your career prospects and open doors to potential employers.

Our individual flight training programs are designed to nurture your aviation passion and pave the way for a successful career. With our expert instructors, state-of-the-art aircraft, and dedication to your growth, we are committed to your journey as a pilot. Experience the thrill of flight training with us and embark on a voyage that will shape your aviation future like never before. Enroll today and let your dreams take flight with ActivePILOT Flight Academy.
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Certificates Offered

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Private Pilot

Estimated Cost: $14,499
Act as pilot in command (PIC) in non-commercial operations on single-engine airplanes and conquer the skies.
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Instrument Rating

Estimated Cost: $14,199
Fly through clouds, rain, or fog without visual references to the ground, horizon, and other landmarks.
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Commercial Pilot

Estimated Cost: $10,599
Act as pilot in command (PIC) of an aircraft, as well as carry persons or property for compensation or hire.
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Flight Instructor

Estimated Cost: $8,499
Fly any aircraft with more than one engine, a necessary pilot add-on for any aspiring pilot to advance their career.
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Zero-1500 ATP

Estimated Cost: $68,699
Build the necessary skills to transition into the airline transportation industry with a network of seasoned pilots.
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Flight Review

Estimated Cost: $550
Before being able to act as PIC a pilot must have completed a flight review within the previous 24 calendar months.

What's Included?

Pilot Starter Kit

Includes Pilot’s Booklet, Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Airplane Flying Handbook, E-6B + Plotter, Kneeboard, FAR/AIM, Logbook, Charts, ACS, Sporty’s Private Pilot Kit, and ASA Written Prep and Oral Guides.

Free Training Resources

All students can access our large library of flight training resources free of charge. ActivePILOT does not believe in purchasing unnecessary study materials or expensive training programs.

Flexible Payment Plans

ActivePILOT offers a straightforward payment plan. Students approved for the payment plan, can pay the cost of their training in a one-time small deposit and the remaining on weekly installments or pay-as-they-go.

Unmatched Support

We are dedicated to your success. Our supportive staff assists you throughout the program, ensuring your flight training program is smooth and enjoyable. We are committed to helping you achieve excellence in your aviation journey.

Amazing Student Life

ActivePILOT offers numerous student services, events, and activities that are available to help students achieve their goals and add something extra to their flight training experience.

Financial Aid Opportunities

In partnership with the local businesses and major flight training financing institutions, students can benefit from various financial aid and scholarship programs that are available to them.

Start with an Introductory Flight

Get your first experience of taking off, flying, and landing an airplane with a certified flight instructor by your side. Later, meet the team and current students to ask all the questions you have about becoming a pilot.

Start with a Virtual Consultation

Our Zoom consultations are the most convenient way of answering all your questions about starting your flight training to becoming a pilot. Zoom consultations are free of charge, but we require advance scheduling.