Discount Programs

Full Program

Students can fully utilize their training course for them by purchasing an entire program in advance to benefit from a 15% discount on their flight instructions and enjoy preferential rates on aircraft rentals. Ask your instructor or training advisor for more information about this program.

Advance Deposit Credit

Students can take advantage of a $300 Credit by depositing an initial $3,000 or more and maintaining a minimum balance of $500 on their Flight Schedule Pro account. This discount is only applicable to flight instructions and simulator time (aircraft rental not included). Acceptable forms of payment for this discount program are Cash, Check, and Zelle only.

Aircraft Block Rates

Students can enjoy Block Rate Credits by purchasing +10 block hours on aircraft rentals. Block times are applicable to all fleet aircraft and transferable to all programs currently offered by ActivePILOT. Current block rate credits are $100 credit for every 10 hours and $250 credit for every 20 hours of aircraft time block purchased in advance.

Simulator Block Rates

Students can benefit from a 20% discount by purchasing +5 block hours or a 30% discount by purchasing +10 block hours on simulator rentals. Ask your instructor or training advisor for more information about this program.



Pay As You Go

ActivePILOT has a ‘Pay As You Go’ policy, meaning students are not mandated to make any advance payments or deposits before lessons. Students are required to have a credit card on file at the sign-up stage and are only charged after the completion of each lesson. Students only pay for the hours they receive instruction and/or use aircraft for training and not the entire scheduled blocks. Scheduling blocks are only set to ensure you have access to the instructor and the airplane you need to complete your lessons for that day.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Active PILOT accepts Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, and Zelle as forms of payment. Additionally, students can use Flight Schedule Pro’s online payment system to pay for lessons.