Individual Flight Training

It’s simple and ethical: you or ActivePILOT reserves the right to terminate your training at any time, making you (or a designated lending source) eligible for a pro-rated refund which will be issued within 20 days following program termination. If you have purchased aircraft time blocks or have made advance payments to enroll in any of our discount programs, you are eligible for a full refund on the remainder of your balance minus the original discount credits given.

ActivePILOT’s refund policy quickly accommodates students who elect to discontinue the program for any reason. It is important to receive your refund expeditiously so you can use the funds to continue your flight training at another school, repay a loan, or cover emergency needs.

ActivePILOT is one of the only few flight schools or academies that offers this level of protection.

Academy Flight Training

Enrollment Deposits

All deposits made towards the reservation of seats in ActivePILOT academy cohorts are deemed NON-REFUNDABLE. ActivePILOT undertakes significant preparatory activities to ensure the effective organization and execution of each academy cohort, which necessitates adherence to minimum seat commitments. Therefore, once a deposit is made, it signifies a commitment to participate, and as such, cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Academy Lectures

ActivePILOT acknowledges that unforeseen life events can occur, potentially impacting your ability to attend a scheduled academy cohort. In recognition of this, all payments made towards Ground Lecture sessions in any academy cohort are fully transferable.

Such payments can be reallocated to future academy cohorts, in accordance with the availability and scheduling of these cohorts. Alternatively, these payments can be applied towards individual training sessions or other enrollment opportunities within ActivePILOT, should circumstances prevent attendance at the Academy.

It is important to note, however, that any payments transferred from Academy Lectures to Individual Training Sessions are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity and financial viability of our flight training programs.