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Flight Simulators
ActivePilot Flight School

Get the basics down on the ground and show off your training in the skies.

Based on the popular Cessna 172, our One-G Foundation simluators are model specific and FAA Approved Aviation Training Devices that are designated as platform for integrated instruction for all pilot levels: from first time student through commercial.

FAA Approved Use and Limitations

  • 61.51(b)(3) – Logbook entries
  • 61.51(h) – Logging training time
  • 61.57(c)(2) – Instrument experience **
  • 61.57(c)(4)(iii) – Instrument experience
  • 61.57(c)(5)(ii) – Instrument experience
  • 61.57(d)(1)(ii) – Instrument Proficiency check, per the instrument PTS
  • 61.65(i) – Instrument rating: up to 20 hours
  • 61.109(k)(1) – Private Pilot Certificate aeronautical experience: up to 2.5 hours
  • 61.129(i)(1)(i) – Commercial Pilot Certificate: up to 50 hours
  • 61.159(a)(4)(i) – Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: up to 25 hours

Training in our Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD) will save you time, money, frustration, and counts towards more flight hours than a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD).

** 14 CFR 61.57(c)(2) Use of a full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device for maintaining instrument experience. A pilot may accomplish the requirements in paragraph (c)(1) of this section in a full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device provided the device represents the category of aircraft for the instrument rating privileges to be maintained and the pilot performs the tasks and iterations in simulated instrument conditions. A person may complete the instrument experience in any combination of an aircraft, full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device.




flight simulator van nuys

  • Transition from basic to advanced airplane avionics with the G1000.
  • Our FAA approved simulator allows you to train on the ground with more complex systems and learn & train on the ground before taking to the skies.
$80 hr


  • Practice your avionics skills on the ground with our G650 simulator.
  • This simulator has the same instruments that we rely on in the skies with our fleet of training aircrafts.
$80 hr