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Leonardo Aristizabal

Director Of Training<br /><span style="color:#DDAD31">CFI-CFII-ATP</span>

Brief info

Leo was born in Cali, Colombia, and was accepted to the Colombian Naval Academy where he graduated as an officer and earned a bachelor’s degree in Naval Science. After 11 years of service in the Navy, he moved to California in 2009 and served in the US military. Leo now flies the Embraer E-175 for a major airline. Leo wants to combine his life experiences and knowledge to help others achieve their passion for flying. Leonardo enjoys running, hiking, going to the movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Our courses and programs

Private Pilot Certificate

After completing this phase, you will be able to fly aircrafts for recreational purposes with your family and friends. Fly to business meetings in style and enjoy the freedom to travel on your own terms.

Instrument Rating

On this phase, you’ll discover that it’s much nicer flying above those clouds where the air is calm and the visibility is endless. It all starts feeling like a true professional pilot.

Students about the training team

Thanks to this awesome course, I am now a certified pilot who is allowed to train other pilots and issue flight permits! I appreciate the hard work that your team does for the trainees – the course went smoothly with tons of useful information. You are great!

Matt Woodson

Matt Woodson

Los Angeles

It was a truly amazing experience for me and my groupmates who came to get their CPL’s at this flying school. The training was professionally organized, and the crew who helped us study worked hard to make it as much effective as possible. Thanks a lot!

Ashton Parks

Ashton Parks


It was fun and exciting to learn at your flying school! The instructors know exactly what they do, and I was fully aware of the risks and the trust that the students put in this training. I completed my license and night VFR fast and effectively. Thank you!

Ella Mason

Ella Mason

New York